ToeJam & Earl Trainer [5 Cheats]

Get ToeJam & Earl Trainer with more then 5 cheat options. ToeJam & Earl Cheats are free to use on your PC. You can easily Download ToeJam & Earl Mods from our OpTrainers Website.

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ToeJam & Earl Summary

ToeJam & Earl is an early 1990s dungeon crawler for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive. The game features two alien rappers, who have crash-landed on Earth and parodies 1980s urban culture. The game’s design was heavily influenced by the role-playing video game Rogue, and took from it such features as the random generation of levels and items. Played from a 2D-top-down perspective the game contains both single-player and two-player cooperative modes. The latter displays a single screen when both characters are near each other, but splits it apart when they are not. Playing the game with two players reveals dialogue and jokes between the characters not heard in the single player game.

5 Cheat Options

There are a Total of 5 Cheats available in ToeJam & Earl Trainer. The complete list is here:

  • Reset Jump Height
  • One-Hit Kills
  • Cops Dont Shoot
  • Add 10 Skill Points
  • Items Editor Summon Stones
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Download ToeJam & Earl Trainer for PC


How to Download ToeJam & Earl Trainer Cheats on PC?

Follow these steps in order to Install ToeJam & Earl Trainer on your PC:
  1. Click on the "Download Trainer" button above.
  2. Now you have to Download ToeJam & Earl Trainer.
  3. Install the Trainer safely into your PC.
  4. Now Open ToeJam & Earl Trainer from desktop location.
  5. Run it and also Open ToeJam & Earl game.
  6. Activate your favorite cheats while running the game.
  7. That's it. You are done!
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ToeJam & Earl Story

Two funk-loving aliens named ToeJam and Earl crash-land on a weird planet called Earth after colliding with a meteorite. Soon they realise that they’re dealing with a hostile planet, whose crazy inhabitants will do everything possible to put the harmless aliens six feets under. Aided by a few friendly Earthlings and random item-boxes spread around the planet, ToeJam and Earl start their adventure through 25 levels in order to find 10 pieces of their spaceship so they can get back to their home-planet Funkotron.

ToeJam & Earl is a Wonderful Role-playing (RPG), Adventure based game released on PC. The game is available to play on Wii, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Virtual Console (Nintendo). It was released on Mar 12, 1991 and last updated on Oct 20, 2020. It is rated ‘E10+’ which means kids below 10 are not allowed to play the game. This Bird view / Isometric game have got total ratings of 89.59 out of 100 and an average ratings of 212 out of 100. This Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Split screen game is rated by 24 users and followed by more then 14 players around the world. You can Download ToeJam & Earl Trainer and avail a total of 5 cheats in the game.


toejam & earl ss1
toejam & earl ss2
toejam & earl ss3
toejam & earl ss4
toejam & earl ss5
toejam & earl ss6

Game Overview

Name: ToeJam & Earl
Category: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Released on: Mar 12, 1991
Platform: Wii, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Virtual Console (Nintendo)
Recent Updated: Oct 20, 2020
Mode: Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative, Split screen
Franchises: Unavailable
Ratings: 89.59 out of 100
Age Ratings: E (Everyone 6+)
Rating Count: 24 ratings
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science fiction, Survival, Comedy
Avg Rating: 92.11 / 100
Player Perspectives: Bird view / Isometric
Avg Rating Count: 212+
Followed by: 14 players
Engines: Unavailable
Total Ratings: by 24 players


In the end, We will suggest you to use "ToeJam & Earl Trainer" on your PC. It is very easy application to use. The Requirements for using the Trainer are very less too. It doesn't need High processor or configuration.

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