P.T. Trainer [35 Cheats]

Get P.T. Trainer with more then 35 cheat options. P.T. Cheats are free to use on your PC. You can easily Download P.T. Mods from our OpTrainers Website.

p.t. trainer

P.T. Summary

P.T. (Playable Teaser) is a first-person interactive teaser directed by Hideo Kojima and developed by Kojima Productions under the alias of “7780s Studios”. It is a psychological survival horror that combined simplicity with an anxiety-inducing environment. The player must investigate the gruesome backstory surrounding the house, and solve puzzles to get to the end game where a cut scene will initiate, and reveal the official teaser trailer for Silent Hills. P.T is widely accepted as a game in its own right, as not only is it considered deeply engaging, but also enjoys significant replay value thanks to its cryptic nature. Due to the cancellation on Silent Hills, it is no longer available for download.

35 Cheat Options

There are a Total of 35 Cheats available in P.T. Trainer. The complete list is here:

  • Adrestia Crew Damage Multiplier
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Freeze Day
  • Hack
  • Unlimited Arrow
  • Minimum Security Rating
  • Max Pistol Ammo
  • No Horse Fear
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Instant Cooldown
  • Unlimited Health Player/Vehicle
  • No Movement Penalty
  • Unlimited Materials Packs
  • Unlimited Inventory Size
  • Concussion Grenade Immunity
  • Alloys
  • Add 10K Score
  • Set Dodge
  • Dodge
  • Set Game Speed
  • No Reload
  • Gravity
  • Items Editor Boss Souls
  • Unlimited Ship Ammo
  • Max Exp
  • Unlimited Mining Beam Energy
  • Super Loot Rate
  • Rocket Launcher Ammo
  • Unlimited Fluids
  • Add Exp
  • Unlimited Legitimacy
  • Set Quicksilver
  • Low Occupation Resistance
  • Unlimited Navy Morale
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Download P.T. Trainer for PC


How to Download P.T. Trainer Cheats on PC?

Follow these steps in order to Install P.T. Trainer on your PC:
  1. Click on the "Download Trainer" button above.
  2. Now you have to Download P.T. Trainer.
  3. Install the Trainer safely into your PC.
  4. Now Open P.T. Trainer from desktop location.
  5. Run it and also Open P.T. game.
  6. Activate your favorite cheats while running the game.
  7. That's it. You are done!
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P.T. Story

P.T. centers on an unnamed protagonist who awakens in a concrete-lined room, and opens a door to a haunted corridor, in which he can only walk through a hallway which continuously loops and redecorates itself. On the radio, news broadcast details on how two families were slaughtered by their respective fathers. Much of the plot of P.T. is told through connecting-the-dots and radio broadcasts. However, some aspects of the plot are left to player interpretation and speculation. Later on, paranormal activity begins to occur, which includes the appearance of a manifestation of the mother from a murdered family, the corridor becoming endless and the lights glowing red. Mysterious broadcasts also emerge from the radio. After the protagonist solves the final puzzle, a cutscene shows him in Silent Hill, presumably unaware of where he is. He looks over his shoulder and continues making his way into the town.

P.T. is a Wonderful Puzzle, Adventure based game released on PC. The game is available to play on PlayStation 4. It was released on Aug 12, 2014 and last updated on Dec 16, 2020. It is rated ‘M’ by ESRB which basically means that only 17+ players can play this game. This First person game have got total ratings of 85.74 out of 100 and an average ratings of 300 out of 100. This Single player game is rated by 45 users and followed by more then 23 players around the world. You can Download P.T. Trainer and avail a total of 35 cheats in the game.


p.t. ss1
p.t. ss2
p.t. ss3
p.t. ss4
p.t. ss5

Game Overview

Name: P.T.
Category: Puzzle, Adventure
Released on: Aug 12, 2014
Platform: PlayStation 4
Recent Updated: Dec 16, 2020
Mode: Single player
Franchises: Silent Hill
Ratings: 85.74 out of 100
Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
Rating Count: 45 ratings
Genre: Horror, Survival, Stealth
Avg Rating: 96.88 / 100
Player Perspectives: First person
Avg Rating Count: 300+
Followed by: 23 players
Engines: Fox Engine
Total Ratings: by 45 players


In the end, We will suggest you to use "P.T. Trainer" on your PC. It is very easy application to use. The Requirements for using the Trainer are very less too. It doesn't need High processor or configuration.

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